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HRSA 10h
There's a on the CARES Act Provider Relief Fund this Thursday, Aug. 13. Tune in at 3 p.m. ET to about the expanded application & who is eligible to . Register now to save your spot:
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U.S. FDA 13h
Protect your baby against 14 serious childhood diseases, like measles and whooping cough by staying up to date on vaccines. Learn more about vaccine-preventable diseases:
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U.S. Surgeon General 9h
Recent update from 90% of test turnarounds are now under 3 days. There are still outliers and we are working to decrease times even more, but things are improving! There has also been a 13% ⬇️ in 7 day average of new cases- so THANKS 🇺🇸 for doing your part!
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Have you recently recovered from ? If you have tested positive for , please consider donating to help save lives. Hear from and find a plasma donation center at .
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Health centers funded by provide high quality, low cost or free primary healthcare, either through in-person or virtual visits. Find your nearest health center and filter for testing and virtual services.
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| HHS Announces Investments for Health Information Exchanges to Strengthen their Ability to Support State and Local Public Health Agencies. More at:
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Eric D. Hargan Aug 10
It isn’t always easy to know if a teen is going through growing pains or something more serious. Here are some key signs that they may be in crisis and things you can do to help:
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New Episode of “Learning Curve”: sits down with to discuss his journey from a small farm in Illinois to Columbia law and Deputy Secretary of HHS under Bush and Trump:
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How is your teen doing during ? Maintaining a social life, even while , is an important part of coping during stressful times. Learn more:
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Calling all ! Make sure you know which you need to stay healthy. This National Immunization Awareness Month, check out MyHealthfinder’s guide to get the facts: 🍎
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What is a clinical study? Learn about the different stages of clinical studies and see a list of active active vaccine and antibody studies from ’s COVID-19 Prevention Network (COVPN):
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ADM Brett P. Giroir Aug 10
. released the July thru December State Testing Plans. These plans along w/ ongoing & intensive technical assistance provided by HHS inform what level of federal support each state requires to execute SARS-CoV-2 testing priorities.
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Since 2015, awarded more than $1 billion to health centers across the U.S. to increase integrated behavioral health services, including patient treatment for , substance use & use.
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U.S. Surgeon General Aug 10
You've seen a lot of posts about ...but do you have your own mask or cloth face covering? I'm proof that you can easily make one with items you likely have at home. Check it out 👇
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With a new school year approaching, is hosting a live Q&A on its Instagram story for parents, educators, and teens today at 1 PM ET. Ask NIMH expert Dr. Krystal Lewis about stress or anxiety in children and adolescents, as well as how to cope.
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If you have a health concern, don’t ignore it. Contact your doctor to see if they’re offering services. Learn more: .
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CDC Emergency Aug 9
Stigma hurts everyone. No single group, ethnicity or population in the U.S. is more likely to spread than others. Find out how to stop COVID-19 stigma in your community at
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Starting today, certain Medicare providers who experienced a change in ownership or missed the Phase 1 June 3 deadline for additional PRF funding can apply in the current Phase 2 General Distribution (deadline: August 28, 2020).
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Minority Health Aug 10
it is National Health Center Week? Today’s focus is on health care for the homeless. Learn how health care centers provide care to this vulnerable population:
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NEWS: HHS has publicly posted the July through December Testing Plans from all states, territories, and localities on . The plans include details on responding to surges in cases and reaching vulnerable populations:
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