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Monitoring online censorship In China 关注中国的网络审查
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China blocks 23 per cent of accredited foreign news sites, watchdog says via
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Paul Huang 18h
Add to this: Most major Taiwanese media are also blocked by Great Firewall in China, including even the United Daily which is pro-mainland-Taiwan trade. Only accessible one is Want Want group media, which is pretty much a CCP run propaganda.
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We also have projects that try to tackle censorship on WeChat and Weibo - check out and
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Hong Kong Free Press Oct 22
China ‘great firewall’ blocks almost a quarter of accredited foreign news sites, watchdog says
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Emily Feng Oct 22
As China closes out its annual Wuzhen internet forum, something to think about... The FCCC and analyzed which public websites of news orgs registered in mainland China are blocked. Answer: nearly a quarter.
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Bill Bishop Oct 21
Fun to hear Zuckerberg warning about tiktok when Facebook has taken $100s of millions in advertising from them and is directly responsible for their surging popularity
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Zedd Oct 19
Replying to @pewdiepie
Welcome to the club :/
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Replying to @thisboyuan @Snowden
Will be interesting what, if anything, gets censored
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Hong Kong protests: bring back app or risk 'complicity' in repression, Apple told
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Binyamin Appelbaum Oct 19
China is seeking to control not just what is said in China, but what is said about China. American companies need to stand up for free expression — even if that means leaving China.
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Paul Mozur 孟建国 Oct 19
Replying to @paulmozur
Not a single woman in the entire opening speeches. That means 18 men and 0 women. Given the motto of Wuzhen is “building a community with a shared future in cyberspace” it does seem like they’re missing a sort of significant demograhic.
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This is about the seriousness and the extent of Apple censorship in China. Apple employees need to start urging company leadership to stay true to company values, in every market where the company operates.
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"WhatsApp used by protesters and activists everywhere due to strong encryption and privacy protections, while on TikTok, mentions of these protests are censored, even in the US".
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Tony Lin Oct 17
Long be4 the NBA thing has been working on a story abt how celebs & companies modify messages to survive Chinese market. We talked to marketing execs, directors, pop stars... The self-censorship is about money, power, uncertainty. Full vid: 1/x
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Li Yuan Oct 17
So there’s an “amnesty” on Wechat today. Some blocked accounts and groups were resuscitated. Two groups I was in came back alive 😜Speculations include: the hyper sensitive period of the 70th anniversary has passed; Tencent’s system was hacked😂
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Sui-Lee Wee 黄瑞黎 Oct 17
Wow. N.B.A. Commissioner: China Asked Us to Fire Daryl Morey
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Searches for "hkmap live" in Apple's app store now produce results for an unusual type of dating app.
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Shirin Ghaffary Oct 15
New from me: Google employees who are frustrated with the company's decision to remove a Hong Kong protester video game are posting on message boards and taking to listservs to show their support for demonstrations.
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Hey TikTok, save a couple of years of legal fees (send us those $$ on Patreon!) and just follow the advice of : "The authoritative global standard for ensuring freedom of expression is human rights law".
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Hu Jia 胡佳 😷 Oct 15
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