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Fluto Shinzawa
Peter Chiarelli: Jarome Iginla will speak with other teams. Will keep Bruins in the loop if he gets close with another club.
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John Sheppard 26 Jun 14
I like Chris Kelly but that cap hit for a guy probably playing the 4th line. Time for a buy out
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Jesse Blair 26 Jun 14
so basically he's gone
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Mike Guarino 26 Jun 14
how do we buy out peter!Guy is a jackass. He can't close deals. He over pays his mediocre plyrs & this here we R
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J A F 26 Jun 14
Groundhog Day.
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Darren 26 Jun 14
very surprising Iginla doesn't see his best chance to win a cup is in Boston. All money aside.
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Rocky Cordeiro 26 Jun 14
When has Peter Chiarelli ever been " in the loop" I.E. First iginla try / this past season with edler..
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Mike L 26 Jun 14
and that's that
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