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Mike 27 Apr 17
Like who would I email? Would they respond? Someone from playtonic maybe? I just need like one thing clarified about Cranky Kong.
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Calbop 27 Apr 17
Replying to @MikePanoots @Ghoulyboy
You should reach out to Gregg Mayles he's DKCs designer. He's still at Rare so you could send them an email or try add him
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Gregg Mayles 28 Apr 17
Try me Mike, can't promise a decent answer though...
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Mike 28 Apr 17
Okay- Is Cranky DK's father or grandfather? Most signs point towards grandfather, but in DK64, Cranky calls DK his son. What is the truth?
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Gregg Mayles
I'm pretty sure when I made this stuff up nearly 25 years ago that he was his grandson. By DK64 he was so senile he couldn't remember
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Mike 2 May 17
Okay thanks!! I've been a big fan of your work my whole life so it was great hearing from you. Keep up the amazing stuff!
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C. Donají Angel R. Jan 28
that's why we get confused
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