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Feminist reflections on gender, sexuality & internet rights. is a project of . Tweets: team
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Point of View Jan 21
We had a wonderful experience collaborating with for — our two-day workshop on and , earlier this month! 📱 (1/3)
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Take Back the Tech! Jan 21
Did you hear about our ? They are hands-on webinars where we learn about tech in a feminist safe space. All recordings are available here!!
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Point of View Jan 19
We're thrilled to have collaborated with the fab folks at for our bilingual launch! The calendar 🗓 is an attempt at connecting our physical + digital realities and freeing the digital space. (1/3)
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Heartland Initiative Jan 17
Holding Companies to Account: Momentum Builds for Corporate Human Rights Duties
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APC Jan 17
Would you like to be our Women's Rights Policy Advocacy Coordinator? Last day to apply!
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"The definition of “good” has from time immemorial been skewed against women. Their dignity has always been latched on them being good and conforming to society’s standards of good women".
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jacsmk ✊🏾 Jan 15
Best team in the world - if you’re a policy geek, this is going to be a dream job. Needless to say, only apply if you’re a feminist ;)
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"A revolutionary archive is an archive with a memory". Essays, literature, artivism and more in ’s newest issue on Feminist Revolutionaries.
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Valeria Betancourt 💚 Jan 15
We have extended the deadline to apply for the position of Women's Rights Policy Advocacy Coordinator at . Send your applications until 17 January.
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Job call still open till end of week - 17 January 2020! Apply for the Women's Rights Policy Advocacy Coordinator position and join the wonderful Women's Rights Programme team at APC. Especially if you are from South East Asia or Central Asia region
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AWID Jan 13
Join us and in a series of webinars to generate inputs and recommendations for building a new . ↣ Sign up to the webinars in English, French, Arabic, and Spanish. English: Tuesday February 11, 2020 from 2am to 3:30am UTC.
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Valeria Betancourt 💚 Jan 10
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APC is looking for a Women's Rights Policy Advocacy Coordinator. If you'd like to work intersectionally between human rights, internet policy and feminism, apply now! Deadline: 13 January 2020.
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New post on GenderIT! "Good-mannered women never make any history, even online", by Francis Monyango. On how women get harassed online, especially when they express themselves in ways that do not conform to the patriarchal order.
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Take Back the Tech! Jan 7
next edition will be about ! Keep an eye out for it ! 💜
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Mishi Choudhary Jan 7
If its cool to protest for our rights, make it cooler. If it's social media worthy to learn abt our Constitution, make it viral. If it's sexy to protect our fellow humans, no matter their religion,caste, class, make it sexier. Internet helps democracy not just destroys it.
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💻 👧🏿 💻 👧🏼💻 👩🏼 💻 👩🏽‍🦱 💻 Teaching women how to use technology is crucial for their development and the betterment of the world 💻 👩🏽‍🦳 💻 🧒🏻💻 👱🏼‍♀️ 💻 👩🏾 💻
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With Internet services still not fully restored, Jammu and police gets a circular from crime branch to seek people's feedback on work done by them using Social media platforms.
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Hemani Bhandari Jan 5
Surya Prakash, a blind Research Scholar:They broke open my room while I was studying. I told them I was blind but they didn't listen. They hit me sticks on my back and left saying 'no point thrashing a blind'. Now I am getting threat calls for speaking.
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Happy new year from GenderIT. We look forward to a year of uprisings and joy. We are open again for submissions through the year on any themes related to gender, feminism, tech and the internet. Write to or DM us.
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