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Ronna McDaniel
The choice is clear: Elect someone with Tennessee values, or elect someone with Chuck Schumer's. on November 6!
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Maith 25 Sep 18
Bredesen is respected in every county by republicans, democrats, independents. He served us for 8yrs bringing businesses to TN, helping farmers and getting healthcare for our kids. Phil IS TN. He works for us. Not whichever lobbyist pays him the most
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Josh Powers 25 Sep 18
I’d rather vote for someone who doesn’t stand with a president that gets laughed at on the world stage.
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Amy McDougal 25 Sep 18
So “Tennessee values” are Hunter and Collins’ values? You know they are both indicted right? A vote for is a vote for Manafort=felon, Cohen=felon, Papad=felon, Flynn=felon, list goes on. “Tennessee values”=criminal values?
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Matt 25 Sep 18
Great comment. Unfortunately she missed her support of the move to let colleges handle sexual assaults in house, killing , and opposition to equal pay for women.
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Mary Grace™ 🇺🇸*American* 25 Sep 18
. Virginia needs your help! needs support from the RNC!!
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Delilia O'Malley 26 Sep 18
As a TN constituent of Marsha’s for decades, I say NO to Blackburn. She works for Washington, not Tennessee. Marsha is for Marsha, period.
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