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1️⃣3️⃣ FEB 2019❗️Most hyped Conference in Netherlands Just €2⃣9️⃣9⃣
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JamesVueJS 12h
Thank you all so much! My energy is LOW but my ❤️ is full! From all the old friends that i met again, to the new people who’ve entered my life. Can’t wait to see you all again soon❤️😍
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Replying to @evanfuture
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Evan Payne Feb 16
Come see my talk in Munich this spring! I’ll be talking about Vue, Jira and NativeScript-Vue!
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Damian Dulisz Feb 16
Goodbye ! I had such a blast! Great conference, professional staff, awesome talks. And jokes of course 😂 But most of all - so happy I could meet all the amazing people. Both old friends and those I met for the first time. Same place, next year?
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SogeTinus Feb 16
Thanks for sharing the
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Replying to @AnfibiaCreativa
Thias World is a rare alternate reality designed by our creator Thias Overtorm.
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Shoutout to our friends and sponsor for having some of the cleanest merchandise in the game😍. And credit to my dad for this wonderful picture👌.
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gustojs @ Porto Feb 16
you rocked as MC too but not everybody saw you at the day. :)
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Jos Gerards Feb 16
Thank you all for coming, I had a blast! Awesome talks, speakers and attendees 😍
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Vincent Smedinga Feb 15
So I’ve kept my laptop meticulously clean for over a decade, but alright – I caved. Thank you organisers, speakers, sponsors, and venue team of and – these three days have been an absolute blast.
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Sean Thomas Larkin (肖恩) Feb 16
I may revel and douse myself in pride of American exceptionalism, but I'm always sad when I have to leave Europe and say goodbye to all of the incredible people here I have met. was an unforgettable experience and I cannot wait to see you all again some day.
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He was awesome! Thank you to you all🤗
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Plain Concepts Feb 15
Proud of talking at about typescript and vuejs!!!! The biggest frontend conference in The Netherlands 🙌🏽
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Nick van Dijk Feb 15
The best rap-duo in Amsterdam ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩. Mixtape coming up soon
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Replying to @AnaCidre_
❤️ thank you for coming
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Ana Cidre Feb 15
Good byeee !!! It was a pleasure being here and meeting so many amazing people!! I'm taking home a lot of new friends, connections and motivation 💪 A big thank you to the team for making this happen!!
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- Do not forget to fill in the quiz and win an awesome prize
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Guillaume Chau Feb 15
Replying to @Frontend_Love
Thank you so much! 😻
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We are proud to become a pattern of - just us to back this awesome contributor
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We are proud to become a pattern of - just us to back this awesome contributor
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