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Frosted Mitts Jul 3
Replying to @FrancisBrennan
pretty sire he said Jill
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M_Drop Jul 3
Really nice to have it a day haa
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Seizer Pouncicus 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Jul 3
I believe he said Jill, which is his wife's name.
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Teammate Foo Jul 3
She isn't "Joe Biden's husband" either.
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MAGA Nick S Jul 3
Lmao... that’s hilarious, maybe he really is married to himself
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Morgan Cook Jul 3
Some people in the comments mention that Joe said “Jill” (his wife)...but isn’t his wife his sister??
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Irina Asanova Jul 3
This is just awful! The democrats need to stop this now! It’s just cruel!
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cazzie Jul 3
lol he said jill biden...
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