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’s near-total internet amid violent protests: speaks to on this week’s to shed light on how authorities are trying to keep the population “in the dark” ⤵️
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I heard they shut off the outside internet but not the inside of Iran.
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D.U.C.K. Nov 20
There’s no internet at all. Even Google cannot be loaded. No Apps is working.
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bilal Nov 20
Pour que une manifestation soit retransmis et passé en boucle sur cette chaîne il faut quelle soit violente et sanglante sinon elle va passé sous silence Comme le hirak en Algérie,le flagrant 2 poids 2 mesures 👇👇👇
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Shaheen Shokoofandeh Nov 20
Iranians are trying to cross a bridge but only zionism is waiting for it on the other side.
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Faranak Hariri Nov 20
shame, shame, shame. Iranians will remember how French government and media betrayed us, once 40 years ago by supporting Khomeini and now by not supporting people's choice to remove the mullahs.
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Aitak Nov 20
Really? Don't you have any other resources??!!
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nami🏴 Nov 20
Shame on your policy backing this cruel regime for 40 years! We will remember it in our history! Shame on you....
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♕ Dr. Eynollah ♕🏳🏳 Nov 20
Right mr. Oga boga..
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