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Building your own color suite will help you work faster, think more creatively, and look great while doing it.
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Thank you we agree it’s needed!
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Every day is an opportunity to learn, be humble, and help others. Thanks for your wisdom and trust, .
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Cartoons are fun. Editing them is hard.
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is an editorial masterpiece. But how do you even edit an animated film?
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Amazon’s is a modern thriller with a classic feel. The editors behind the award-winning series give us an inside look at all the elements that went into making this modern-day Hitchcockian thriller.
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The editors behind Amazon 's gave us an inside look at the psychological thriller that gets inside your head.
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Freelance vs full-time. There are benefits to each. We address the age-old question.
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How do you go from freelancing to cutting for the likes of , the Super Bowl, and Disney? Hard work, killer talent, and a CD-ROM from Wal-Mart
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25,000 submissions 🗳️ 66 clips 🎞️ 56 winners 🏆 25 countries 🌎 2+ running time ⏱️ 1 million dollars 💰 How helped create its Million Dollar Challenge video.
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The 8K indie workflow is here.
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. + + + + = A flawless 8K dailies workflow
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Our friends at are really DAM smart.
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In part 2 of our series on digital asset management, the brilliant team at will show you how to build a good DAM strategy.
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This is a good DAM read.
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Asset management can be either a source of your team’s problems, or the solution to them. shows us how to make it the latter.
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We’re celebrating the LGBTQ+ filmmakers who have shared their stories with the world, and given a voice to their community. Up first, check out these 6 films that made cinematic history and put the LGBTQ+ community on the silver screen.
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Another day, another incredible workflow innovation from
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*Two big updates to share:* 1. The Lumetri Color Panel 🎨 in Premiere Pro got an update for 2019. Here’s everything you need to know. 2. The Premiere extension has been updated with a slew of changes. Get them both now!
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