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In the era of COVID, door-to-door campaigning is out. Our Power Player discusses technology that is taking over politics amid the pandemic.
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littlejanedoe Aug 30
Love you Chris... BUT where did you find these people this morning? Really Jillian and Guy my 12 yr old who knows nothing can do better. Can we get people that actually listen and then respond intelligently
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(DroneHouse) Aug 30
Airbus and Boeing will submit new regulations. Airbus , Acubed , Boeing , EASA , Federal Aviation Administration
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TekkytheBatCat Aug 30
yooo . Just a head the first confirmed RE-INFECTION has been reported in the USA. Before you completely dismiss the idea of a lockdown, understand the potential issues with a reinfection cycle of 4 months that research suggests. it wont end.
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Gregory G. Sarno Aug 30
BROKEN VOW: TRUMP DEFAULTS ON HEALTHCARE On 7/19/20, President Trump told Chris Wallace of Fox News that "we're signing a new healthcare plan within two weeks," and that it will cover pre-existing conditions. 28 DAYS LATE and counting . . .
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Judy Sep 1
Trump is a compulsive liar sociopath nationalist. I'm being kind today. hehe !
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James Chefchis Aug 31
Didn’t Trump promise us a GREAT NEW health care plan before the end of the month??
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Miranda cosgrove Sep 2
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Jose Aug 30
CDC: For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 2.6 additional conditions or causes per death CDC is saying only 9,000 deaths from COVID. the other had 3 underlyings
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Media Shrink Aug 30
Mike Wallace Vomits SuperSpreader Script...
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Darryl Moore 🐧🇨🇦 Aug 30
I doubt the Trump campaign has any issue with it, but I also don't expect it is nearly as effective as his dog whistles via twitter, rallies, and the white house lawn.
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