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Trump's week-long blitz in Yemen eclipsed the annual bombing total for any year during Obama’s presidency. For more:
Air raids in Yemen reflect broader trend as new administration opts for more military action against Islamist militants.
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byedon 9 Mar 17
Replying to @ForeignPolicy @hrw
and we know O was hawkish
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FuriousOne🌹 9 Mar 17
Replying to @ForeignPolicy @zumausa
- Buckle up boys, Cheeto-in-Chief is taking us straight to war.
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Helen121 🕷🐟 9 Mar 17
Replying to @ForeignPolicy
I note that Trump is bombing the countries where he has banned refugees from fleeing to the US.
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Peter Smyth 9 Mar 17
I'd say 5 other countries are thinking they're next. Ban them to make them hate, bomb them to make them act....
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Hornyface Killah 😏 9 Mar 17
this... is exactly the wrong direction to go in.
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CK MacLeod 9 Mar 17
You expected something else? This year's Darwin Awards will be a race between Trump voters for peace vs Trump voters for better health care
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#BeAccountable 9 Mar 17
Replying to @ForeignPolicy
Let me be on the record. I said he'd lead us straight to war the day he announced his candidacy. w/ his ignorance in tweets
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Mayfield Jukes 9 Mar 17
I bet she would have too. Study our economy, it's propped up, fake. Crash coming, war would occlude crash, did b4
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