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🇺🇸Maggie VandenBerghe 🇺🇸
“I was told Trump was RACIST but let me get some EVIDENCE to debate Trump supporters!” What happens next? MAGA! 🔥❤️🇺🇸
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Kambree May 16
We have the most diverse supporters in California. I expect you not to know that. Hillary was right, the Democrat base is not that smart
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Don't Be A Mitch May 15
Meaningless just like the black guy in the inial post. This is just Putting a black face on to mask racism.
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Madison Warner May 15
Replying to @jwvusn @landslug and 4 others
Haha - hate = direct quotes of what Trump has actually said and done.
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@Flkittie 2 May 18
Me too. My husband loved Trump in 2016 but I hated him. Then I did what that man did. I researched and listened to him and focused on his policies. I’m still not on board with everything he tweets or says but if he sticks to the policies he won’t lose me.
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Voice of Reason May 18
His organization was sued & lost for discriminating against African Americans, not renting to them even when the family could afford rent. Arguably these people had to have their kids go to school in zip codes where the schools weren’t as good. That’s racist and he’s done more.
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jdibs24 May 20
If the constitution was the deciding factor on right and wrong then we would never need to make amendments....
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Liberty_Falcon 🕶️ Jun 1
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cody May 19
So my AR-15 is okay, but I can't have my bolt action rifle or my pistol?
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Andre_Hamilton May 19
The AR was made for military use. Why do you need an AR? Bolt action rifles are not used in the military. I had one but I sold it. Handguns are okay.
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Keon Bush May 15
He called for the execution of the central park 5
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monk May 16
Replying to @kleft13 @og_dthe and 4 others
I don't see the connection to racism here!
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