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Ryan Ewing
The Phoenix area is one of the most popular regions for flight training. As such, mistakes do happen, and wrong runway landings have occurred. Deer Valley Airport — owned by — has a unique solution to prevent this: different colored rocks surrounding each runway.
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Ryan Ewing Jun 14
Replying to @CityofPhoenixAZ
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Richard Hutchinson Jun 14
Not helpful if the pilot is colourblind
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MGTOW Academy 🎓 🎙 Jun 14
Not helpful for blind pilots 😡
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Ian Kluft Jun 14
I like it. At a busy airport, especially for student pilots who are still rewiring their brains via practice to handle pilot workload more efficiently, it serves as an easy reminder that there is another smaller runway if tempted to fixate on the larger & more obvious one.
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Luiz César DS Jun 14
I've been working there for one year and had never thought about that. Haha
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Paul Jun 14
This is just stupid. Students who train there will look for different colored rock everywhere else they go.
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Adrian Jun 14
So true.. that’s just encouraging bad behavior elsewhere..
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