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Raj Jan 4
Piss off with the “Rian trapped JJ in a corner with that Last Jedi ending” takes. Yes, a small band of rebels with terrible odds going up against a massive, ever growing First Order fleet led by Leia’s son sounds completely unusable.
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Will G.
For all those complaining about little material to build from, I made a list of all the plot and character threads left at the end of TLJ. It’s a fun game to see what threads were and were not resolved in TROS in a satisfactory way.
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Nadja Lirio Jan 4
I wish Hux had had his own thing rather than being under “Supreme Leader Kylo Ren”, but yes to all of that ❤️
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Will G. Jan 4
Had I the room to put it on one page, I definitely would have done that. Hux really had potential to become the big bad after betraying Kylo, I’d think he’d go mad with power. And that linked with a Stormtrooper uprising would’ve been wild to see.
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Cherry Flow 🍃 Jan 20
Great list and such potential! I was also very much looking forward to how Kylo would evolve after killing Snoke as he freed himself of the abusive presence.
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Will G. Jan 20
Absolutely! With Snoke’s influence gone and perhaps Luke haunting him, his mother being a direct opposition and Rey being so connected to him, I think he’d really struggle with light and dark.
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Lisa Osterholt Jan 5
You forget The knights of Ren! Will the follow Kylo Ren or try to take over the First Order?
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Will G. Jan 5
I mean the list was just threads left over from TLJ specifically. In my mind, the Knights of Ren would have been Kylo's guard but when Hux stages a coup because of Kylo's inner conflict/'weakness' and perhaps if the truth of Snoke's death was revealed, they'd turn on Kylo.
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I lost the Star Wars and the Star Wars lost me Jan 4
You nailed it. A smarter writer would have taken TLJ and built something fresh and exciting from it.
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J Jan 11
I wish instead of another “rebels blow up super weapon and kill all enemies” ending we had got an ending where EVERYBODY was saved. Honestly, this film could have been about Finn’s realisation other Troopers could be good and his desire to save everyone. Imagine that!
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Vickie Lan 👽👟🍜 Jan 4
Thank you for this! Makes me appreciate Rian’s story arcs that much more!
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