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Apple Support Oct 25
In iOS 13, you can choose when each app can access your location, including a new option to access your location only once. Here’s how to manage your location settings.
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Shafick Sallie
Updated to iOS 13.2 after 13.1 in hipe that the battery drain issue would be fixed. Now it is worse! Really not a great experience
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Hameed Marhoon - SCD 🧏🏻‍♂️ Oct 29
Replying to @Fickie2 @AppleSupport
Me too battery drain faster than 13.0.1! Yesterday I update to 13.2
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Németh Hunor Oct 30
I have the same issue with my iPhone 6S. , when will you make a normal version of iOS 13, which optimalised well for every devices?
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