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Tweets Oct 20
Just posted a video @ Mountain Mike’s Pizza
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Join the Crew for a great cause ・・・ Yeah we’re a bit early... but it’s for the children! 🎅 WHO: Open to the public! WHAT: American Adventurist Toys 4 Tots WHEN:…
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Hanging out with kingstonreign in her outfit from kidson45th @ Citizens Business Bank Arena
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synergymfg has just announced the new ball joints that I have been lucky enough to have tested for the last 2 years. synergymfg ・・・ After 5 years of development and over…
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I am going through withdrawals
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When can I get this on pocketcaster?
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is still making the best bumpers out there, and now he has them for the
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Since tonight is the home opener, it seems fitting that kingstonreign popped up in my feed from 2 years ago @ Ontario Reign…
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・・・ The Falken family is saddened today after receiving notification that our spokesmodel, Kelsey Quayle, was involved in a shooting causing her to veer head on into…
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Replying to @DocThompsonShow
Will there still be a podcast?
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What about podcast?
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Another look back at the early days of not really sure what I was thinking with the roof mounted . . .
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Looking back to the 50th Anniversary of tds4x4sd in 2012. sure looked different back then.
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Testing out the camera on the new phone over 5he weekend in @ ESTERO INN
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3 stacks and a rock @ Morro Rock
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It's odd to not have the truck or tent on a trip, but I think we will be ok. @ Morro Bay, California
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I have sure missed @ Top Dog Coffee Bar
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Most people just wouldn't understand
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They hatched! Luckily we caught the first one before we left, and have a timelapse of both. It will be live once we edit it down. HuHu is ECSTATIC Mom and dad are pretty stoked too.…
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