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FOREVER is the secure, private family network where people save, organize, and share their lives and memories today, tomorrow and for generations.
Tweets May 24
Nothing goes hand in hand with summer like water. Our Aquarium Days - Spilling Out Template Freebie is perfect for water-filled summer fun! 🐟 🐑 🐠
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SURPRISE! It's Black Friday in MAY! For the best deals of the month, check out our deals page:
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Don't miss out on a-MAY-zing deals! Are you making the most out of FOREVER?! Today's the last day to use promo code CELEBRATEMAY19 at checkout. Take advantage of all our deals, valid through 11:59pm PT, today, May 22! 🌻
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There is so much to be said for scrapbooking: it’s creative, it’s tangible, and most of all, it puts all our memories in one place -- a walk down memory lane, if you will. But physical scrapbooks only go so far. Check out the rest here:
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It's FOREVER Club Weekend! Make sure you're a club member to save on printing, shipping, and conversion THIS WEEKEND ONLY!
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You don’t have to climb this mountain alone. ⛰️ FOREVER Media Conversion is easy! Try it today:
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Explore 80 BRAND NEW digital art kits! 🌸 We feel pretty, oh so pretty...just like the 80 newest kits in our Digital Art Store! These kits are perfect for any and all occasions. Check them out now!
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It's FOREVER Club Weekend! Make sure you're a club member to save on printing, shipping, and conversion THIS WEEKEND ONLY!
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FOREVER is a place to keep memories alive; Arlene Watkins makes that clear in her touching blog post about the "World's Greatest Uncle." Check out her blog post to hear her story:
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We hope you all enjoy this edition of the Magazine! This smaller issue of Pages Magazine is packed full of inspiration and goodies for p2P members and friends!
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All good things come to an end...but that doesn't mean you can't still save! There's only one more day to save 40% on all print, with 50% off photo books specifically! Shop through 10am ET on Tuesday, May 14 with promo code CELEBRATEMAY19. Last chances don't come twice!
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We love you, moms! Enjoy your special day 🌷
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What's that? Three new themes?! Uh, YES PLEASE! Check them out at
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Let's get busy bundling! Double up on savings when you purchase both of our StoryBook Legacy Bundles:
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It's Support a Small Business Day! Our Ambassadors, in so many ways, ALL run their own small businesses. We couldn't do what we do without them; thank you, FOREVER Ambassadors! πŸ’™
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Looking for a last-minute gift for ? Look no further! Give her the gift of nostalgia with a FOREVER Gift Certificate. Let the special mom in your life decide how to spend! 🌸
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It's ! πŸ“š So why not do it?! Take 50% off all books in our print shop NOW!
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Make room for memories. They need to live somewhere, too! 🌸 Take advantage of your storage, and upload now! πŸ“·
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Thank you to all of the teachers out there! We love & appreciate you. Enjoy your special day! 🍎✏️
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Happy National Scrapbook Day! We hope you're all doing what you love today: designing with FOREVER! βœ‚οΈπŸŽ¨
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