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Extinction Rebellion
"While some people have rejected capitalism gladly and swiftly, I’ve done so slowly and reluctantly... Our choice comes down to this. Do we stop life to allow capitalism to continue, or stop capitalism to allow life to continue?", .
The economic system is incompatible with the survival of life on Earth. It is time to design a new one, says Guardian columnist George Monbiot
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BioCorp Apr 25
Shell disagrees! Capitalism benefits shell!!!
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Donnachadh McCarthy Apr 26
Danish Oil & Gas is now 100% a renewable energy company. It is fossil fuelled capitalism, socialism, communism, dictatorships etc which is our common existential enemy. should focus on unity!! Peace love respect. x
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Bryan_Kelly Apr 25
Replying to @ExtinctionR @guardian
This is the conversation needed the most if we're to find solutions to climate breakdown and global injustices.
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Santiago Cataño-Alvarez Apr 25
veganism and permaculture, folks!
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bwjmcneil on #ASOS (yet again) Apr 26
This is a different fight to that of saving our planet. Focus on the real fight please: the
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ScottyB Apr 26
The issue of climate change is directly caused by our system of capitalism which is predicated on infinite growth and consumption on a finite planet. Therefore you cannot 'fight' one without addressing the other. This is what George Monbiot's article explains - try reading it!
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Unscene Berlin Apr 25
I've always been on the "swift and glad" side, myself... but ok.
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eideticat Apr 26
I thought XR was not anticapitalist and was already engaging companies through . Clarification would be nice
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Greg Cromack Apr 25
How can capitalism continue without life? Do we upgrade AI to take over as consumers?
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Mfd Apr 26
1/2 Capitalism is a projection of our alienation from nature. It is a human personality disorder manifest as an externalised system of organisation. Like many such disorders, it’s inherent induction is via an addiction loop - in this case material/financial consumption.
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