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Jagmeet Singh 2 Apr 19
Ms. Wilson-Raybould wanted to do politics differently – putting integrity & what's right for Canadians over what helps the Liberals. Today PM Trudeau & the Liberal gov't showed us exactly what they think about integrity. Thank you Jody for being loyal to Cdns. You deserve better.
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Erin Weir
Yes, it’s shocking that a party leader would unilaterally expel an MP from caucus for making truthful public statements that were politically inconvenient for the party leader.
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An Obsolete Vernacular 2 Apr 19
Refound the CCF! We don't need Jagmeet
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Kiana 2 Apr 19
Kicking someone out for sexual harassment vs for protecting the rule of law could not be more POLAR OPPOSITE. Why are you still here 🙄
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Tywin's Other Son 2 Apr 19
Ouch Jagmeet... Erin does have a point....
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Dan Harris 2 Apr 19
Erin, you're no longer in caucus because of your behaviour towards others, especially those who complained about you. There was an investigation that corroborated those complaints. I had a lot of respect for you and your policy positions but seriously, you need to:
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David I.W. 2 Apr 19
Dan, the process to oust the 1-time MP from caucus was quite flawed (e.g. ), and I am not alone in having said this (e.g. ).
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Viv 2 Apr 19
JWR's statements thus far has been all about her "Gut feelings" and when asked for proper evidence she tried to entrap an official member of her own party by secretly recording a staged phone conversation. Not exactly supportive of her being truthful.
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Earl 3 Apr 19
Gut feeling Trudeau was going to break the law? Which he obviously planned to do. Gut feeling she would be the scapegoat? Gut feeling they would lie to protect each other? Which they did. Gut feeling she would be demoted to make space for someone with less morals ?
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The people's elbow 2 Apr 19
You were kicked out for sexual harrassment. "a third-party investigation into allegations made against Weir in recent months supported one claim of harassment and three claims of sexual harassment."
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S. Jain 3 Apr 19
more like not owning up to it after a path forward was given. You aren't JWR Erin.
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Suburban Voyeur™️ 2 Apr 19
I judge facts not feelings.
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