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Eric Topol May 31
Looking for a theme for the US vs 12 of the most successful countries on 4 continents vs , I made a table comparing 3 key metrics. Red=Highest, Blue=Lowest There isn't one. And it isn't just about testing. Data source:
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Eric Topol
There is one theme that emerges from the successful countries. Leadership. As compared to the worst performers by
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Alan Lewis Jun 2
Leadership leads to testing and a good public health response. Look at the test to death ratio - will correlate - it is quite predictive, though obviously deaths are lagging and the timing of the tests matter (more earlier is better!).
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jttorg Jun 2
Why has world become so numb to the pandemic lately? Pandemic media fatigue? Don’t care anymore? Most countries are opening back up & feel is controlled (at least in northern hemisphere). Are the politicians right?? Is 2nd wave really coming??
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Mike Jasinski Jun 2
How do Sweden, India, Mexico fit into that theory? How does PRC's performance? Russia, BTW, does well at keeping CFR low, I guess that will have to be explained as "lying", right?
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Tarkkailija Jun 2
Sweden... same applies... Their goverment isn't doing anything at all, the leading epidemiologist decides and he is not a leader as he is outside of political system and doesn't believe in doing anything.
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Dick Head Jun 2
Received a video today suggesting that the U.S. medical community significantly over-counted Covid deaths so they could get more government money. I guess that's better than saying it's "just the common cold" in early March and not to worry. Leadership?
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