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Eric Holthaus
This is unreal. Right now in South Texas it’s 104°F with a dewpoint of 80°F. That’s a heat index of 130°F. In June. Folks, it’s technically still spring. It’s not even summer for another 13 days. We’re in a climate emergency.
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Eric Holthaus Jun 8
Replying to @NWS
Yesterday, this same South Texas heat wave broke the 's graphics. We don’t know the world we’re about to enter.
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Kevin Cantú 🏳️‍🌈 Jun 8
Replying to @EricHolthaus @NWS
that heat and humidity at the same time of day!? how far is that from (or over) those limits of wet bulb temperature where even healthy people start to just overheat and die? 🙀
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Eric Holthaus Jun 8
Replying to @killerswan @NWS
Humans can’t survive with a dewpoint temperature above about 95°F, so this is still quite a ways away from that.
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Joe H Jun 8
Replying to @EricHolthaus
Miserable to be sure. But is it helpful to refer to weather on a specific day as being informative about climate? It is the same as when politicians wait until a snowy day to cast doubt about climate change.
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Eric Holthaus Jun 9
Replying to @OutandAboutNC
It absolutely is not the same thing, Joe. When you have approx 80-90% of the Earth’s surface in line with the long-term warming trend and decades of science saying that heat waves are becoming worse, showing examples of that in real-time is absolutely not the same thing.
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