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Epic Gamer
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Epic Gamer Feb 18
hey i have noticed that the champions on sale arent actually on sale, they still have their normal prices can you guys please do somthing about it. There is a champion that i really want. Thanks!
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Epic Gamer Nov 16
ive just played a game of aoe2 and i got attacked by my 2 teammates in a ranked match, they are in the same clan. It was a 4v4 and i helped his friend out by taking care of the enemy next to him wich was blue and we couldnt break further so they attack me!
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Epic Gamer Jun 7
Hi guys, new bug found I've played quite a few games and sometimes the reviver hive doesnt revive you, also ive been revived by my hive but then i dont do the damage i should have done like i hit 20+ bullets and it only gives like 5 bullets as a hit/damage.
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Epic Gamer 14 Mar 19
Here is the first epic/fail moments on Apex legends with some great twitch streamers!:
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Epic Gamer 7 Mar 19
Hi ive played some apex legends today and i got killed by 5 cheaters today it was obvious as they had constant headshot . i have been killed by cheaters before but it wasnt as bad as today like 5 games out of 30-40 games is quite alot if u ask me normaly its 1 in 2days
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Epic Gamer 3 Mar 19
Here is the full video hope you guys enjoy it! Fortnite Epic music blocks compilation in Fortnite creative
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Epic Gamer 2 Mar 19
Here is one of the epic music blocks created in fortnite - by Grandayy. Come watch the whole video at: If you have any epic moments like kills, musicblocks songs in apex legends or fortnite you can contact me 👍
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