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European Union Emissions Trading Scheme - legal point of view
Tweets Feb 1
New ESMA Q&As: no assessment has to be performed by systematic internalisers for ETCs, ETNs, SFPs, securitised derivatives, emission allowances and derivatives until at the latest 2020
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Meaningless trading phases of the EU ETS
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MiFID II not working as expected, CTPs, APAs, tick-size regimes: something went wrong...
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MiFID II ancillary activities tests once more - legislators and supervisors uncertain how to apply new rules
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The MiFID II ancillary activities tests must be calculated for each separate person who trades in commodity derivatives within a group (European Commission’s stance of 31 May 2018)
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Regulators concerned over the methodology for cross-zonal capacity calculations in the negotiated Winter Energy Package
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Major reform of the European energy market approaches at a fast pace
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Trading obligation does not apply to non-par swaps
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Rigorous regulatory stance on the DEA sub-delegation
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Positions reporting under MiFID II for the EEOTC contract equivalent to more than one ETD contract - jurisdictional issues
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How Commissioner Arias Cañete saved electric cars
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Singapore and Hong Kong set variation margin standards for the EU for physically-settled forwards and swaps
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Trade-supporting IT tools subject to a MiFID audit
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Transfer of positions between hedging and speculative portfolios under the MiFID II and EMIR OTC derivatives reporting frameworks
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Systematic internaliser’s pre-trade transparency for bonds, SFPs, emission allowances and derivatives
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Do not miss the NC RfG notification deadlines!
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What does 'OTC equivalent' mean to you? Remarks on the dual nature of some key MiFID II definitions
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MiFID II position limits exemptions - practical clues
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APAs' involvement in the publication of third-country transactions
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Derivative contracts on extra-EU trading venues at legal risk
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