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Emerald Robinson ✝️
So had a gala dinner tonight to honor Irving Kristol. Who was missing? None other than Irving's son, . Officially, he wasn't "able to make it." Actually, he was told he wasn't welcome. The rumor is that donors insisted that he could not attend.
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Const'lGovernance Oct 29
Well, better not to invite the insane to formal events
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Tom 🇺🇸 Oct 30
I’m sure the Kristol family must have wished could have been there. It was kind of them and to give him an “out” and take some focus off of his fall to obscurity and irrelevance.
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Mark Freitag Oct 29
Any organization willing to take a stand against a hypocrite like Bill is a great one. I think I’ll have to follow now.
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Don’t Tread On Me Oct 29
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Loud Thinker Oct 30
The prodigal son that wouldn’t repent and won’t return.
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Orwellian Chronicles Oct 30
My respect for AEI just increased significantly
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