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Russia in RSA 🇷🇺
"No Nazis" in Ukraine they say... all the while in the real world, Ukrainian authorities and Neo-Nazis commemorate 75 years since one of most cruel Nazi units, the SS Galichina, was created, even issue stamps - attempt to whitewash Nazi collaborators, branding them as heroes
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Olga Klymenko 28 Apr 18
Вы что, призываете уничтожить собственное министерство иностранных дел? Так Вас же ж за экстремизм посадят! Поберегите себя!
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Ruslana Boshirova Альянс пианистов 28 Apr 18
Yeah, dude. Your EuroMaidan is a world famous specialist in fakes. They are so good they make their own. Disprove this. 😎⌛️
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NUMBERS MATTER 121 28 Apr 18
Is this real??
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С̶̸̗̪̱͇̺̯͗̋̒ͯ̿̆̓ͯ͒̂͡ͅл̵ͬ̌̑ͬ̆̆ͣ҉҉̻͕̰͓̠̜̮̗̘̜̹̗͇̥͕̪̱̩ 28 Apr 18
doubtful. you can draw and order your own stamp block using postal service templates apparently someone did that drawing, but it is "highly likely" personal initiative
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H.Clément-Pitiot🇫🇷 matricule 7803 28 Apr 18
Pas de nazis à Kiev, disent-ils ? Sauf sur les timbres... Gardez la photo comme témoignage de leurs mensonges en mode Goebbels...
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Bernd Roth 28 Apr 18
Das AA / SPD interessiert das wohl nicht. Man handelt nach dem Motto “die Freunde meines Freundes sind auch unsere Freunde“. Aber große Reden im BT ... Israel sollte genau hinschauen, mit wessen Geistes Kinder Deutschland in der Ukraine unterstützt.
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Заїхав до ґлузду¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 28 Apr 18
These stamps are not in the Ukrposhta catalog. They have no value. This is some kind of computer exposition, not a real live photofactor, and so on. The classic fake Russian propaganda. You are not diplomats - you are KGB spies from the Russian embassy in South Africa. Is not it?
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Vera Van Horne 29 May 18
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