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Ella Dorsey
Happy Monday! Meet our newest team member, ! She and will be bringing you the news every weekday morning. They have BIG personalities and make the morning show so fun. Join us!
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Blackfoot Taxi Mar 12
She's hot. But who is the lady standing behind Mrs. Gurvir?
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Gurvir Dhindsa Mar 12
Hey 😊That’s the lovely ! She’s joining our morning team beginning today!
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Alias Smith Jones Mar 12
Yep! the newest member of ur newscast is welcomed. I am impressed with her military service experience. We will see how it works out. There seems be alot of changes, though!
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Paul Schwartz Mar 13
BEAUTIFUL Team! I watch every morning! Best and smartest Meteorologist I have ever seen! Physics and Calculus 1&2?!! WOW!
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