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EU in the US
The European Union regrets that the State of Texas plans to execute Mr. Rodney Reed on November 20th and makes an urgent appeal to for clemency on his behalf. Evidence in Mr. Reed's case casts substantial doubt as to his culpability.
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marieke laauwen Nov 1
Would it be possible to send a letter to too? My friend is in the same circumstances. No evidence another person confessed to committing the crime alone and still on death watch.
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We the people co-sign this letter. Rodney Reed is innocent. Set him free!!!!!
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Renee mcknight Nov 3
In The Blood Of Jesus,take this case and work it the way you know how it should be done....not their will,but let your will be done,Lord...
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We JERIDU SOLUTIONS from Lusaka Zambia co-sign this letter
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Mikey.HHH. Nov 13
Im follow the functions of US Justice from here a Long Tyme. And Theres so much to do right in their machining. I cant say He wasnt..and if the whole evidence say He wasnt . The Alibi say ,He wasnt . Let him free .. Im from Germany . Pls ,give him a hug.
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Ashlee Nov 2
Why is the EU sending letters to Texas about Texas laws?
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Pringles Turducken Justin 🛡️ Nov 8
Because if Texas or the US wants to continue trade relation with Europe then they do stuff like this. It's called diplomacy. Same token, why is the US always acting like the worlds police? Also, state sponsored executions are barbaric and we are last modern nation still at it.
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