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EU Court of Justice
: the Decision on the adequacy of the protection provided by the EU-US Data Protection Shield is invalidated, but Decision on standard contractual clauses for the transfer of personal data to processors established in third countries is valid
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Gabriel Jul 16
Thanks - would you have the URL for the full court decision?
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Graham Smith Jul 16
Here, I think. :-)
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Alja Poler De Zwart Jul 16
Well, this was interesting. I did not expect the privacy shield to be torpedoed.
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DaveHowe Jul 16
I did. it was a figleaf after safe harbour got stomped, and nobody seriously expected the USG to abide by it.
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Christian Sterzik Jul 16
bin schon gespannt was und dazu schreiben werden...
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Jürgen Taeger Jul 16
Die Kanzleien haben nun gut zu tun, die die Übermittlung auf 'Privacy Shield' stützten, um die hinreichend. Garantien (Artt. 44 DSGVO) zu bieten. Die anderen, die auf SCC bauen, müssen Prüfroutinen entwickeln, um die Einhaltung beim Empfänger zu sichern. UK + US: sehr schwierig
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Laura Koetzle Jul 16
The release is now on the website too:
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Recite Social Jul 16
Your Tweet was quoted in an article by
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Grabancijaš Jul 16
Curious, here's the list of 5378 companies/organizations affected by today's decision:
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ۗۗۗNikolaus Kern Jul 16
Great, overdue ruling. Also remember to follow on Twitter.
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