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ARRESTED:DxE investigator Matt Johnson is in jail right now charged with 3 felonies for documenting factory farms roasting pigs alive. The industry & legal system are corrupt &we need your help to ! FULL VIDEO HERE:
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Direct Action Everywhere May 30
Replying to @DxEverywhere
Please make a donation to protect whistleblowers & support DxE's life-saving work. ALL donations will be doubled dollar-to-dollar up to $50K! Donate:
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Diana Deikman Navon May 30
This is horrific. Matt is a hero doing an intervention, not a criminal.
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Chloe Leffakis May 30
Thank you Matt! Animals shouldn't be abused. Activists shouldn't be arrested for exposing the truth & helping animals.
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HelenWongLaLaLand May 30
Heinous crime!!
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Almira Tanner May 30
The real criminals are the higher ups at and who profit from this horrific abuse.
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Rasa Petrauskaite May 30
This is so incredibly sad
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Jo Peret May 30
Alarmed and horrified reading this from England.
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Kitty Jones May 30
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carlos Bouvier May 30
Why they kill this pigs God almighty This cruelty has to stop People please do not eat this animals flesh We deserve anothe pandemic Good lord...I was under the impression that this state belong to the Bible Belt states I think not....
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NYC61 May 30
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