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Candice Gush Art Aug 2
More Drabblecast fan artwork! Inspired by ‘s “Morris & the Machine”. Tried really hard to make sure there are no spoilers.
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endersgame29 Aug 8
Replying to @cmgush @timpratt
When listening to this story, it made me think of the movie ‘the Prestige” for some reason. Thought it would have been a great Drabblecast story. Any other movies that you think would have been a fit for @thedrabblecast?
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Norm Sherman
Great question! Death to Smoochy. The Girl with All the Gifts. Swiss Army Man. Coherance. The Imposter. Young Ones. Mr. Nobody. The Boy and His Dog. 90% of Black Mirror episodes. :)
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Candice Gush Art Aug 9
Replying to @endersgame29 @timpratt
Honestly, I find watching, In The Night Garden with my kid so strange. Like Iggle Piggle has gotta have some kinda deep rage, that I just expect to burst out.
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