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Dr Aseem Malhotra
More and more GPs are waking up to the lies of Bad Pharma and their pay-rolled scientists. Honoured to receive this award from the Arlington British Medical Academy for my lecture The Great Cholesterol and Con chaired by Vice Chair of
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Rachel Browning Oct 17
Well deserved. I’ve mentioned you to my GP, let’s hope your message is understood far and wide!
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Tom MacKeown Oct 17
Congratulations! You are recognised by both those of us who hear what you are telling us and by those who don’t want to! The latter fear what you say! They know it to be the, but dare not admit to the fact
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Melissa ©arnivore 🇺🇸🇨🇦 Oct 17
So very deserved!!!!! Congratulations!
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Fiona Kane Oct 17
Thanks for doing this important work, congratulations 🥳
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Viv Gottlieb Oct 17
Congratulations and thsnkyou for all your work.
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Nick Papageorge Oct 17
Bahut acchaa ;)
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Paul Rees Oct 17
Congratulations Dr Malhotra! 👏👏
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arthur pia Oct 17
Well deserved
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Sheila Rabin Oct 17
Well done
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SWOP Communications Oct 17
All well and good but how do we convince relatives meanwhile who have been parked on these drugs? Seems to be standard after heart surgery, even for valve replacement. I noted a marked cognitive decline (memory) and dose has been halved but they cause muscle damage as well.
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