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Dr Ai Lyn Tan Apr 1
Replying to @DrAiLynTan
📢 ! Do you know if you need ➡️ ➡️ Please watch the full video here 👉🏼 Here's the guidance for those who need shielding 👇🏿👇🏼👇🏽
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Dr Ai Lyn Tan Mar 28
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Jo Corrado Apr 24
Really helpful guidance and very helpful. Do yoh know if this has been sent out to patients too? My dad is a rheum patient on immunosuppressants in Leeds and he hasn't received this.
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Dr Ai Lyn Tan Apr 24
Replying to @joannacorrado01
Hi Jo, glad it's helpful, they have been sent out, but we're aware some patients appear not to have received them. All the details are here
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Dr. shashank akerkar Mar 27
Thanks for sharing! A good resource indeed.
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Jainie Mar 27
A very clear explanation - thank you. I will be in the sheilding group but haven't received a letter or email yet.
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Dr Chetan Narshi Mar 27
This hopefully gives more clarity for patients.
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Manish Jain Mar 27
Excellent thanks for sharing
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Fran (she/her) Mar 27
As a patient at this clinic, I found this information clear, comprehensive and reassuring. Thank you all for your care and attention - we really appreciate it! 💙
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