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Very interesting data. The question now remains, why? Why is it the case that Roger has reached *more* finals in recent years but won *much* less.
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Ashvin Kalyanaraman 23 Mar 19
Replying to @SharadaK6
Great stats but unfortunately no one remembers the losses in finals. Those numbers are telling in the Finals W/L dept. As his fans we are not just content that he made the finals right. What would be interesting is of Omar can find a stat showing BP conversion before & after 31
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sharada 23 Mar 19
Replying to @ashkalyan
Yeah BP conversion before and after 31 would be very telling. That is where he struggles the most.
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Martin L 22 Mar 19
Replying to @SharadaK6
*gulp* if i was a statfam
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sharada 22 Mar 19
Replying to @nitramlun
Haha cindy should include all this in her charts too. Btw statfam is a nice name 😏
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