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Emily Sliman 11h
Oooh , I'm having a ridiculous amount of fun positioning my points. Thanks for the update :)
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Lisa Solt 14h
Does everyone know this already? In the AB text editor there is a keyboard shortcut that opens the math editor! Behold the backwards apostrophe (below the esc key). Who knew?
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Replying to @brynhumberstone
Great question!
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Anna McQuillan Nov 25
I won’t spoil the surprise, but if you’re a fan, be sure you’re sitting down to watch. My husband thought something was wrong when he heard me gasping every 2 minutes! 🙀😻 Nope! Just in awe of the team OVER and OVER!
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Replying to @mikeskeoch
Great question! A long time ago we decided to emphasize TEACHING with Desmos over CREATING with Desmos. It may be time to reevaluate that idea.
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Replying to @MrsMaths9
Hero! 💪
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Replying to @mathprofdk
Fun idea! We'll discuss.
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None planned by our team but definitely watch out future PD efforts.
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Paging !
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On last week, shared one way our team creates animations out of graphs. Try it out and tweet us your own 👶 first 👶 animation! We'll feature several next week when we're back.
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Amaru Pareja Nov 21
Watching the latest love session was super inspiring. Learning to animate from has had me thinking all weekend.
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Audrey McLaren Nov 20
I think maybe I shouldn't have started watching this at a time when I need to concentrate on all the things I have to do today. 14 minutes in and my brain is exploding.
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Cathy Yenca Nov 20
What do you get when you combine the beauty of art, animation, and mathematics? This live was truly jaw-dropping! Takes "Graphing Stories" to a literal NEW LEVEL OMG.
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LeeanneBranham Nov 19
Thank you for Blowing our minds this afternoon. Definitely worth the listen.
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Marc Garneau Nov 19
Christmas is coming early! This is worth a watch, and make sure you’re sitting down.
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Replying to @jnshube
Not currently!
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Eniola Ajayi Nov 23
Who says HS students don't enjoy decorating Turkeys?! Thanks for the fantastic activity. Thanks for the inspiration. My fav. is slide 6, when students wrote notes to their teachers. I know that the notes were appreciated by teachers and staff.
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Maybe knows the score here!
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Replying to @hypertrig
Thanks for the suggestion!
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