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Tweets May 18
Replying to @sisaak
Let me know your specific need and I’ll try to connect you to a resource.
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Cathy Yenca May 18
Just took a peek at our ("un-paused" for the weekend) project... WHAT?!? Caught two students working on it... before noon... on a Saturday. 💚💚💚
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Replying to @sisaak
Afraid we don’t have that capacity. has tutorial material though!
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Replying to @BowenSEHS
Thanks for the question. We only make updates to that app on an annual basis in order to keep it current with state level tests.
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Ian Kerr May 17
Only 8 spots remaining for Philly-based Summer Institute on June 26th & 27th - all the info you need right here:
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A whole day of sessions at ! Check out the Saturday offerings.
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Stephen Dull May 16
“You know, I thought I was gonna cry way more, but I’m actually really proud of my work”. Well folks, I can’t top that testament to Art. Plus, they convinced me to extend the due date to Monday so they could make it 🤘🏼 instead of slapped-together.
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Replying to @mrsdavidteaches
First time we're hearing about it. Thanks for the report! Can you send a link to the activity?
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Replying to @joshgiesbrecht
😬Fraid not. That's a dope gus, though.
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If you're looking for some at , look no further! 👇
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Thanks for the feedback, both of you!
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Replying to @busynessgirl
It isn't restricted to K-12! College faculty are fellows! Desmos 💚 college faculty.
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Replying to @MsHereth
Just checked our database. I'm seeing three classes with students. Check and you'll find the one you're looking for I HOPE. ^dan
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Shelby Strong Math♀ May 14
"Ms. Strong! I was able to use for almost the entire test! It's almost like cheating!" Don't you mean, it's using appropriate tools strategically? Would you have known what to do if we hadn't discussed it in class? "... Why couldn't you just let me have this?" 🤣🤣🤣
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Jessica Brown May 14
Anyone in the mood for a quick golf game?
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Replying to @MmeGarg @park_star
Oo uhh Desmos is definitely a WESTERN conference kind of company ... 😬
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Tori Cox May 13
Woooohooo! I went out on a limb and used a AB to make an informal, interactive "portfolio" for applying for jobs! And today I got offered a position at my #1 choice school. So, that worked!
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Leah Simon May 11
My plan to work this morning quickly turned into this piece of art, reminiscent of my time at last spring.
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Replying to @seewins
Afraid not currently!
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