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Replying to @kaijharada
So sorry to hear it. Email details to and we’ll see why we can do.
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Replying to @BearStMichael
Afraid not. We made that decision in an attempt to avoid false negatives and false positives. When we can’t evaluate correctness we throw the dot.
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Replying to @BearStMichael
Ah gotcha. If they get the numerical input WRONG, you'll see an x. If they get it right, you'll see a dot. Maybe that'll work for you.
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Replying to @BearStMichael
Interesting! Can you send a link to the screen?
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That's possible! Post it at . Do you have a rough draft with the images?
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Warmer Winters is the first activity in our new collaboration with @NYTLearning and ! Invite your students to notice and wonder about an interesting graph about winter temperatures.
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Replying to @josh_males
No plans currently. I'll pass the suggestion along, though.
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Desmos Collaborates with the New York Times Learning Network and the American Statistical Association to Improve Statistical Literacy in K-12 Education
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Replying to @Mr_Robinson_23
Afraid not, nope.
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The Android app is still in the shop w/ no ETA unfortunately.
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Replying to @sbrotherton9166
Goofy. We’ll look into that!
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Replying to @FelixZGerardo
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Happily Effective Jan 16
Is anyone else LOVING the snapshot feature in ?! I discovered it during my activity on dilations and am obsessed!!! Class discussions are organized and easy to display.
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Replying to @aldaryn
Afraid not. Best place to go is the . Ask there and folks will help out!
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Replying to @aldaryn
Only if you use our Computation Layer scripting language I'm afraid. Nothing out of the box.
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Replying to @metzmath
Wondering if our geometry software might be a better fit here!
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Replying to @twittytwittybrd
N I C E !
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Replying to @MsKmathclass
Not yet! We're working on that.
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Laila Nur Jan 15
Replying to @AGEiland @Desmos
I did a project where students import a map of a zip code of their choice, use linear functions to recreate streets and coordinates for the buildings. Then make a system of equations for 3 friends to meet up at one of the buildings.
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Replying to @Johnston_MSMath
Not just you, unfortunately. Our labeling is something of a dark art.
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