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Defense 280
shows an hidden pickup aircraft that could be the (future French-German fighter). French President will open the show on monday
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yves pagot 14 Jun 19
It is.
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Rob Coppinger 14 Jun 19
SCAF being the French acronym for Future Combat Air System, or FCAS. It looks tailless which has been one of the concepts made pubic. You can read about FCAS in my article in the next issue of Aerospace Manufacturing magazine.
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will wallis 14 Jun 19
U can see the tails above the wing, it'll likely be similar to older tempest concepts
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like an YF23
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JnAndris 14 Jun 19
Mockups everywhere, a flying prototype nowhere. (In Europe that is, all else are in various stages of development). Also the notion that after a single year of development, a decision on the layout can be reached to result in a mockup is ridiculous..
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Jérôme 15 Jun 19
Agree. But it’s important to remind when you have the mock up you can ask for a stronger public support. This kind of communication plan always work. 😊
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Kamiro Deniro 14 Jun 19
Its actually Turkish made TFX, seriously..
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TurkishFacts4u 15 Jun 19
Its the Turkish TFX Fighter at B8 Stand- see
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Cengiz 15 Jun 19
TAI TF-X 🇹🇷 Paris Air Show 2019
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