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Gonz Sep 15
They just straight up replaced the original sound effect with a censor beep???????????????
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Ghoul_Veil 🧟‍♂️ Sep 15
Replying to @GreatGonzales
Lots of weird choices here. Heres hoping to a day 1 patch but I doubt it
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Vaun Sep 15
They might, because 64 apparently has a crashing issue
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Angry Expo Sep 15
Crashing issues? Proof?
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DeathChaos Sep 15
If you try to exit SM64 the entire Switch just softlocks. The game stops but never successfully exits, and you cant back out to the Switch home menu, so you have to reboot your entire Switch.
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Now that physical copies have been shipped out and the game has unlocked on eShop in a few regions, we know what was up. This was NOT the result of a bad dump. This was NOT the game's own fault. THIS ISSUE IS A RESULT OF CUSTOM FIRMWARE. There are no issues on a stock Switch.
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