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DeJuan Blair
😂😂😂😂 anybody got some inches I can buy!! Lol I'm just playin tryna figure some shyt out!!
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NBAANDME 31 Oct 12
lol why do you wanna be taller!??? Your 6 foot 7 already your good fast I guess and can DUNK!!!
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Eric Fischerkeller 31 Oct 12
You need to be out on the court where you belong. It's disgraceful to see you not get in. You're too good for that.
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the alchemist 31 Oct 12
cuz rly thts all you need lol
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Czarlo 31 Oct 12
its the first game. Your a Spur and that's all that matters . when its time play hard. Your blessed to live the dream.# 1Spursfan
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