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I've said since the end of 2018 that Broidy was cooperating. In the Higgenbottam guilty plea, they had Broidy, his wife, and at least one of his two daughters listed as co-conspirators. I'm sure he flipped to protect them.
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Bev Harris Aug 25
Yes. Broidy was RNC finance chairman. They set him up with just enough foreign taint to, probsbly, get a FISA on him too, enabling 2-hop collection on many RNC people. The rapper involved in the money laundering setup was a visitor to Obama WH including private quarters.
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DawsonSField Aug 25
Broidy is a dirty crooked Swamp creature. Trump & his allies set Broidy up to drain the Swamp out of the Republican party and everyone else who thought Broidy was a way to buy access through Cohen to Trump.
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