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(((Dawn Butler)))
. will reform the GRA to introduce self-declaration for trans people. We will remove outdated language from the Equalities Act. And there is no way spaces will be permitted to discriminate against trans people. That is illegal and it will stay illegal.
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Safe Schools Alliance Nov 22
Please can we have your responses to our candidate questions? Will you answer ‘yes’ to all? How are you and planning to improve the safeguarding of children?
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Rachel Sanger Nov 22
I wish there existed a party who would answer 'yes' to all of these.
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Jen 🌹🕸🔮☃️🌨 Nov 22
The Labour manifesto.
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Daily Grind Nov 22
They could get a headstart on this by ensuring that it's understood by their own ministers.
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Audrey Ludwig Nov 22
Please talk to some practising specialist discrimination lawyers like as there are so many inaccuracies here
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Arieh Kovler Nov 22
It's a minor thing but you should probably know the name of the Equality Act.
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Owen Jones🌹 Nov 22
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Andrew Clark Nov 22
I want to self declare I’m female but only on Tuesday when it’s women only day at the local swimming pool.
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aaron gabriel Nov 22
nice strawman you’ve got there
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