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Jay Sekulow - Understand What is At Stake The Democrats Want to Rewrite the Constitution In a brazen usurpation of power, Adam Schiff and the Democrats are attempting to disregard the explicit authority given to Executive Branch by the Constitution.
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Katherine Trunk 2 Oct 19
Well put. They are actually trying to impeach our Constitution.
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E.A.Mannucci 2 Oct 19
Absolutely ⚠️ Thus paving the way for the Gradual Dismantlement of USA Republic as it's being done to EU countries. In the end there's no middle class and only a Feudalistic Tyranny 🆘️
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jennifer 2 Oct 19
Replying to @DaveNYviii @JaySekulow
Awesome! Thanks for sharing
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Ernstgregory❌✖❌ 2 Oct 19
Till something happens to stop them. It is on the cusp of happening. Congress will rule. Not the president
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FLAng 76 2 Oct 19
Hell yes! Protect our Rights! Thanks to all of you!!!
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RightOnMain 2 Oct 19
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Robert Mercer 2 Oct 19
Investigation of all their corruption is called for now. Just how did so many of them get rich after taking office?
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Just me 2 Oct 19
Thank you kind sir for keeping on keeping on for and we the people!
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gerry dillard 2 Oct 19
So nail these creeps.
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