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Rick Wilson 11 Jul 17
Don't forget: The White House is trying to kill the new sanctions bill in the House.
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Dave McCarthy
The Gang That Couldn't Collude Straight
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WM Bartle 11 Jul 17
It's like they made a film called "Dumb and Dumber Commit Treason".
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Nolan Zugernat 11 Jul 17
Dumb and Dumber works. I was going with Beavis and Butthead: "Treason is cool. Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh."
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Rainaleigh Adamowicz 11 Jul 17
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Gisele D. 11 Jul 17
They most have done something Right is the
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Miss I (and Bocce Cat) #Resist 11 Jul 17
That made me lol
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Can't look away 11 Jul 17
The name heard round the world
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Victoria L. Nadel 11 Jul 17
In fairness, collusion is a crooked enterprise. See "recent examples of collusion from the web" below definition ➡️:
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Molly Bligh 11 Jul 17
Reading the full definition, it fits here.
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Barbara Hiltz 11 Jul 17
Well they forgot to nominate a Secretary of Collusioning, the Dems would block that anyway lol 😂
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BrittleVine 11 Jul 17
Sounds like a lost Harry Potter title.
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