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Darren Shaw
You may have heard that there has been a lot of volatility in the local search results lately. I've been checking through some of my Local Rank Tracker campaigns, and here's a good visual that shows how the turbulence started on April 23rd:
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Andrew 'Optimisey' May 1
I mean... this is a gimme but I'll ask it anyway: Any early guesses/theories on why? COVID-related? (Temporarily) Closed stores dropping out of rankings? Those with special offers/still open shooting up?
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Jennifer Sargeant May 2
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Samuel Lavoie May 2
Was early March also that volatile?
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O S A M U D I A M E N May 7
Noticed mine started around that same time too.
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Kyber Digital May 12
We’ve seen some massive fluctuations and dips in local rankings with all of our clients, no matter how optimized the account is.
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Feroz Syed May 9
what do you say
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