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cories5 30 Jul 13
Still believe protagonist of Phineas&Ferb is Candace: she provides the drama&tension driving each episode.
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Dan Povenmire
. Exactly. We always say "what Candace is doing is the story, what P&F are doing is the setting."
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Lisa Padol 31 Jul 13
Candace is awesome. We just watched the first three seasons of Phineas and Ferb.
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Dan Povenmire 31 Jul 13
. I have to apologize then, we really started phoning it in right before doing the pilot.
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Andrew “We ❤️ Star Butterfly” Acuna 31 Jul 13
Should the show be named "Candace" rather than "Phineas and Ferb"
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Adrian Taverner 31 Jul 13
Nope - then we'd be looking for "Darth Vader Episode IV" and such.
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Notebookscrawla 31 Jul 13
Replying to @DanPovenmire
What was the name of your imaginary friend as a kid?
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Elfena Stinson 🎄🎀🎁 31 Jul 13
I always felt this in the back of my head.
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Jair G. Espinoza G 31 Jul 13
The protagonists are Perry and Doof, with the parallel story of a guy looking to impress the cute neighbor
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James Craven 31 Jul 13
And she also provides comedy relief as well in case you haven't noticed all the stuff she gets into!
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🛷Sleigh-cob ❄ Young🎄 31 Jul 13
So, are P&F basically those 2 background characters that somehow got top-billing?
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