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The Duke University Center for International & Global Studies (DUCIGS) promotes internationalization across our campus and beyond.
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Latin America continues to be interested in trade with the U.S. but “U.S. leadership is no longer conceded or sought.” Read ’s ret. Amb. Patrick Duddy on how the Biden administration could restore its relationship with Latin American countries.
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Do not miss the first online International Art Show of Raleigh, running from Dec. 3 through Jan. 3, 2021 with a focus on the art and influence of Indian artists. The opening reception is tonight at 7 pm!
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In a “Vaccine diplomacy” drive, China will distribute hundreds of millions of anti-Covid doses around the world as “an instrument for foreign policy to promote soft power and project international influence,” says 's
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In RESIST COVID / TAKE 6!, artist shows the disproportionate impact of the deadly virus on the lives of communities of color. Check out the exhibit by & :
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For the Scholar Activists series by , watch the full talks with 4 's alums: Stanford’s Ph.D. ; 's Ph.D. Razan Idris; 's Ph.D. Zachary Faircloth; & Dr. M. Shadee Malaklou, Assistant Prof at
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Are you a Ph.D. student at , , , , or interested in + ? Check out this program accepting applications now for Summer 2021 fellowships:
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Nominate a candidate for the Global Service Award by the 's Office of Global Affairs! The recipient will receive a certificate and a $500 award, and will be honored by a lunch or virtual gathering in spring 2021. Deadline Friday, December 4th!
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WashingtonTradeDaily Nov 23
Korea plans to withdraw Trade Minister Yoo from the race for new WTO director general, paving the way for Nigeria's Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala to be the next DG and the first woman and African in the role.
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Quasar International Institute Nov 25
Scientists and diplomats must collaborate to address 21st Century national security, diplomatic, and economic challenges like climate change, pandemics, and disruptive and sometimes dangerous new technologies.
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The new ‘American Diplomacy Project’ report from Harvard’s Belfer Center mentions ’s Zanalda, Pearson, Duddy, and the program on the need to integrate science into diplomacy. Read: “A U.S. Diplomatic Service for the 21st Century”
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Replying to @DUCIGS
(from the report) "An aim should be, as suggested by colleagues at Duke University’s Rethinking Diplomacy Program, to integrate science and technology into diplomacy, to recruit people with expertise in cyber, artificial intelligence, data analytics, and financial technologies."
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Ambassadors , Marc Grossman and of Harvard’s mentioned DUCIGS’ Rethinking Diplomacy team in the report “A U.S. Diplomatic Service for the 21st Century.” Read the full report:
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Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala Nov 13
Thank you , , , and  + the , for pledging a total of US$360M to the  COVAX AMC. This is a huge step toward a solution to the  pandemic that works for everyone, everywhere.
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On Monday, Nov 23 (8pm-10pm EST) Duke's Gary Gereffi will speak at the PKU-Harvard Workshop “New Economic Geographies in a Changing World.” His topic: “Global Value Chains in the Post-Covid-19 era: China, the United States, and medical supplies” Register➡️
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Dr. Benjamin L. Schmitt Nov 20
📺Proud to join TV’s Monika Jones this morning for a live interview on Russian infrastructure influence projection, and similarities between Kremlin’s push and Beijing’s Belt and Road infrastructure influence. 🇺🇸🇩🇪
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After his last appointment in Myanmar, our new Diplomat in Residence George Sibley will bring his 32-yr diplomatic experience to help students and professionals explore career opportunities in the Foreign Service. Read Sibley’s interview in Duke Today:
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Outdated institutions like the State Department might need to change, says . For a new diplomacy, “Integration into the world isn’t a choice; it’s a reality we have to learn to live with.” The European-led project is an example.
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Duke Undergraduate Research Support Office Nov 19
Thinking about break? The URS Remote Winter IDEA Grant is a special grant offered during the Winter 2020 Break to promote exploration of a research idea or help defray the costs of an ongoing research project. Learn more:
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Wednesdays at the Center is focusing this year’s series on the topic of ongoing structural racism under the rubric ‘Global Anti-Racism (histories of action).’ Read the recap of the Fall 2020 events and apply now for the open Spring 2021 Call for Proposals
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Duke Global Health Nov 18
Call for Proposals ➡️Global Anti-Racism Series. The and seek applications for the Spring 2021 "Wednesdays at the Center" talks.
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