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Fast, easy and reliable end-to-end testing for anything that runs in a browser.
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Tim Griesser Dec 7
Just wrapped up an incredible first week with . The team puts so much thought into making tools with a great developer experience, I’m humbled to join them in building the future of testing
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In case you missed it, check out testing apps with at this past September!
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Ravi Gehlot Dec 7
Looking for an end-to-end testing framework? Look no further! is a must! I absolutely love the tool. It is so easy!
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Daniel Schulz Dec 7
Started this week to write tests for a large application with . I am totally blown away how easy it is to integrate it in Gitalb CI and cover common use cases. In comparison to I have to admit that is definitely the future of testing
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Rowdy 🇳🇱 🧀 Dec 7
Also a great talk about by at What’s in the water at ? 👍
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Juan Carlos Andreu Dec 6
End-to-end testing is very important and is becoming more and more so. I have tried countless frameworks, and never stops impressing me. Yes, they have paid plans, but it's free for open source! Kudos to the team, they have an amazing product
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Our joint webinar with is about to begin! Don't miss out on your chance to learn all you need to know about the CircleCI ! 💡🧠
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Don't forget - our joint webinar with is tomorrow at 11am PST/2pm EST 🎉 💻 Be sure to register in advance!
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dublinjs Dec 4
And we've have kicked off our December Meetup! Thanks to for sponsoring the room, the beers, and the pizzas 🎉🎉🎉 First up we have John Craddock talking about end-to-end testing!
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Phillipe Bojorquez Dec 4
Working on automation today using . The most difficult thing about learning a tool is going beyond basic examples. It can be lonely being the only automator in a company while learning to code at the same time, luckily the Gitter community is amazing, check it out!
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Gleb Bahmutov Dec 3
Cypress v3.1.3 is out and has fixes for several regressions
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If you're attending 🇧🇪 this week, don't miss 's talk ": The Future of Testing" on Friday, December 7th! More details here 👇 
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Xebia Academy Europe Dec 3
Last month we had a very successful meetup, got excited? Use this discount code CYPRESS15 and join on December 13th for the Test Automation using Cypress training course →
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David Dal Busco Dec 2
Join us for the Zürich next Thursday 6th December 😀🍻 is going to introduce testing with and will present how to build apps with 🚀 
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imptrx Dec 1
Been using recently and it's been AMAZING. Very well documented and intuitive to use - makes writing integration tests such a pleasure ✅
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Anders Stensgaard Dec 2
I'm having a hard time figuring this one out.. Anyone in the community who can help with my QraphQL stubbing challenges?
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Don't forget to register for our joint webinar next Wednesday at 2PM EST! will cover everything you need to know about the Orb - be sure to register in advance + check out Gleb's thoughts about Orbs in ! 👉 
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Jean Martineau-Figuette Nov 29
To people asking about using with : Yes you can.
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On this week's blog, take a peek at what our new Lead Product Designer Jeff Tucker has been up to at !
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Jean Martineau-Figuette Nov 29
Interesting discussions about how could make the world a better place (or at least improve our web apps) ; thank you and its participants.
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