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Fast, easy and reliable end-to-end testing for anything that runs in a browser.
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Ryan Robbins Sep 13
Back from lunch . Talking about , toy projects, improved cycle, and burnout!
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Applitools Sep 13
It's that with this new course from Developers and test automation engineers - this one's for you 💕 ➡️ cc:
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Missed our webcast with last week? Check out the recording - now on the blog! ▶️
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Gareth Waterhouse Sep 13
Ever wondered how to get started with ? Check out our latest blog post:
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Jesse Einfalt Sep 13
HANDS DOWN is my favorite E2E testing tool. It’s lit 🔥🔥🔥
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Angie Jones Sep 13
It's here! Cypress is all the rage and developers seem to love it. So, we've just released a new course on it taught by !
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Assert(js) Conference Sep 12
The after-party is on now! Thanks to
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Amir Rustamzadeh Sep 12
Finishing up the week in with another workshop today. Thanks to Test Evolution, , and the Melbourne Software Testing group for putting this event together. Looking forward to meeting all the attendees. 🙂
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Test Girls Sep 12
Alô, Test Girls! Nosso próximo evento tem data marcada, vai ser dia 19/09 na Escale. Será um workshop com , comandado por e @karolxavierleite. Corre pra se inscrever que as vagas são limitadas! Todos os detalhes nesse link:
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Assert(js) Conference Sep 12
Shout out to tonight for making our after party happen - see everyone at Upper Deck By Fran's at 6:00 pm!
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Ankit Kabra Sep 12
Integration testing with cypress let integration= require (" cypress ");
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The team is thrilled to announce that we've been named one of the 20 Rising Stars as part of the 2019 list ⭐
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Victor Savkin Sep 12
Creating an Next.js app + Cypress: npx create-nx-workspace --preset=next --appName=todos nx e2e todos-e2e
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Marlon Almeida Sep 12
Are your tests developer friendly? Learn about unit, integration and e2e tests with , best testing practices and much more in the latest episode of !
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Michael Milewski Sep 12
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Are your tests developer friendly? Learn about unit, integration and tests, best testing practices, , and more in the latest episode of ! 🗣️ with , , , and
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Nashville PHP Sep 10
Thanks to for giving us a tour of !
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Luke Marsh Sep 10
Absolutely loving right now. It’s never been this easy to write browser tests!
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Dive deep into testing with during an all-day workshop with at 🇬🇧 coming up on October 5th! Reserve your spot:
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Johnathan MEUNIER Sep 10
Vous voulez découvrir et tenter de gagner des goodies ? Venez le 24 septembre au webcenter Wasquehal pour un :
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