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Fast, easy and reliable end-to-end testing for anything that runs in a browser.
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This month, less than two years after making our repo available, we reached 10,000 stars on ! Thanks to our passionate community for helping us get there 🌟 
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Hakim El Hattab 8h
Started using for integration testing . The workflow and tooling is sooooo good ❤
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Justin James 24h
The blog just published my article on adding to your DevOps Pipeline using
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Jedidiah Omadoye Feb 20
for the win. Makes dynamic e2e testing so breezy.
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Looking for your next big break? We're searching for a Lead Solution Engineer to join the team in Atlanta! You'll play a critical role in building Cypress and bringing a new standard in testing to devs everywhere. JD below 👇
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TEC Partners Feb 20
If you're a user, you'll want to join and the for their next meetup on March 4th at 7pm at ! Come along and learn all about responsive visual regression testing using ! Oh! And drinks are on us! 🍻
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David Leitner @agentconf ⛷ Feb 20
After all these years in software development, there is still nothing that impresses me more then a beautiful crafted and self-explanatory API. comes with magnificent examples therefore: `cy.get('save-button').click().should('have.class', 'active')` - what a beauty.
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Tom McGurl Feb 19
Absolutely loving so far! It's been super easy to set up and super fun to use. It has actually made writing integrations tests really exciting. Thanks to everyone involved and keep up the great work! 👍🍻
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We 🧡 educators and folks who plan workshops about - check out our recently updated testing workshop repo for presentation tips, materials and more!
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Raul Quispe Mendez Feb 18
Play around with Cypress! This turned into a challenge that took 2 days, but with great results. Now I can say: "Cypress is an awesome testing framework!"
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Lloyd Baxter Feb 18
I'm talking responsive visual regression testing using at the Norwich Node User Group 19:00 - 4th March, , Come along and listen! Sticker swag up for grabs from . Sponsored drinks courtesy of .
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Patrick Monteiro Feb 16
Apresentando a ferramenta na W3 Automação e Sistemas
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Tino de Bruijn Feb 15
We kick off our engineering blog with a post by my colleague Pieter on how helps progress whilst preventing bugs in our extensive frontend. Read it here: . More to follow!
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Miguel Carvajal 🇨🇺 Feb 15
How I feel every time I write a test
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Spuck Feb 15
is easily the best new testing tool I've come across in years.
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Just a quick reminder that 's will be a guest on 's 2/28 Connect Live broadcast! Can't make it? Register now to access the video recording after the event.
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Galen Vinter Feb 13
is the first e2e testing tool I've ever setup myself and I got my first test written in 30min and I took my time reading docs. in addition I couldn't believe how enjoyable the experience was. highly recommend to devs to try
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Bostonians - this is happening tonight! 🗓️ 👀 Join Boston and for a covering how to do "types without TypeScript", how to utilize external TS definitions in tests written in + more. Don't miss it!
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░Y░a░n░n░i░c░k░ Feb 13
is really the e2e testing tool I was waiting for. Makes it so easy to use TDD in Frontend dev... even spotted a bug I missed today! 👌👏👏👏
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