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Tushar Aggarwal Sep 24
. is hands down the most +ve community I have seen Bug identified No drama All community members informing each other Talks about - Lessons learnt - Resilience of network - Improvements to governance Is Cosmos even doing right? 😂😂
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CryptoTrotter Sep 25
Replying to @Tushar307 @cosmos
Too bad the average validator can’t ever rank higher than top validators controlled by or employees, perfect environment for Cartel Collusion.
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Tushar Aggarwal Sep 25
Replying to @CryptoTrotter @cosmos
Afaik 80-90% of the top 10 validators are not Cosmos or Tendermint employees.
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. employees (Sikka, Inqlusion, JackZampolin, Castlenode, Cryptium, Umbrella, KalpaTech, etc...) and VCs (Polychain, Dokia, etc...) together control more than 2/3 of all voting power. is a perfect example of Cartel Collusion in a VC blockchain.
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Crypto Singh Sep 26
As long as money would dominate the selection process of how you choose validators every blockchain out there is at risk of being overtaken by one or other. is still far from reality.
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Cosmic Validator Oct 1
That's not true, there are many other independent validators as part of the 2/3 voting power. If you lie and are not honest no one can take you or your opinions seriously. Try harder
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Dacs Sep 26
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Eser sanda Oct 1
Aion number one shitcoin
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