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Tweets Dec 20
Christmas at Crosspoint 2018 -
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Don't miss... EASTER at CROSSPOINT!! -
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Out of the Closet...I'm PRO-CHOICE(S) - Hope that title kind of got you. Please, let me explain. Much bothers me about the world we live in.
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Most Clocks Change Themselves... -
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I Gave In and Went...For Her... - This past weekend I went to a marriage conference. OK, so that's not my idea ...
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Make God Smile - In the very last book of the Bible, we’re told something unbelievably intimate about who we ar...
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Life is All About Showing Up - In the book of Acts, Jesus has resurrected from the dead and now is leaving this...
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The Greatest Love Letter Ever Written - I’m not sure what your father is or was like, but play along with me fo...
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Tom Allen 13 Aug 17
New service schedule (9 & 10:30), new Kids Building opening, promoting kids, finishing the PLAYLIST series... another day !
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Tom Allen 15 Jul 17
Well, looks like the weather won this round. BLOCK PARTY is POSTPONED till August 19th. Mark your calendars!
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Rain rain go away :( Block Party is postponed until August 19th
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Everyone!!! Block Party is tonight! We can't wait to see everyone!
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is hyped about getting to speak on Sunday!
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Crosspoint Groups 1 Jul 17
Don't miss the conclusion of our Mad Money series. Join us Sunday at 8:30, 10, and 11:30am. More at:
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TITHING...So Many Questions - You want some questions asked? Just bring up the subject of TITHING! It seems lik...
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Tom Allen 25 Jun 17
It's Sunday, so that means it's MAD MONEY . Have more, keep more, give more, enjoy it more. See you at 8:30, 10 or 11:30!
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Crosspoint Groups 17 Jun 17
Join us this Sunday at 8:30, 10, and 11:30am to find out why having a vision for our money is so important.
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It Wasn't Always Like This... -      Recently, I began a teaching series called, MAD MONEY.  It's a look at the...
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We went live on Facebook this morning in the new kids building! Have any prayers or verses you want us to write on the floors for you?
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