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Critical Role
We’ve donated our profits from our sponsorships this week to , an organization that works to improve the lives of farmworkers. If you’re able to, please consider a donation and learn more about their work: <3
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Kerspooky Oct 4
It's not a "Sorry we did marketing for a terrible corporation" (Which this does not even remotely rectify), it's not an admittance of a fuckup-bad decision, but i guess it's something of a start, so 'yay'
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Anti-Humbug Gamer wants YOU to play RPGs Oct 4
Should they open a vein for you? How much self abuse does someone need to go through to be considered helping?
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Lawlz Oct 4
How is anyone surprised by this? Do you really expect so little of Critical Role?
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Plasma Backflash Oct 4
Today has taught me yes, yes people do. Some even took the time to say they thought we were seeing who CR "Really Were" through all this. Cynicism is truly rampant and unchecked these days.
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Ginny Di-cember ❄️ Oct 4
Thank you for continuing to be the force for good that we all trust you to be. Thank you for being willing to listen through the shouting and hear the important things. ❤️ We haven’t missed the fact that as a growing company, this money is not insignificant. Thank you for caring.
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Nicole Couture Oct 4
But did we trust, really? I didnt get that feel from long time fans who at best used the "when your fave indie band sells out" analogy to far more vindictive statements.
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AJ Oct 4
Wow. That’s a shot fired considering Wendy’s pays less for tomatoes than any other fast food place
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EyeballTiger Oct 4
It’s called damage control. Lol CR got a lot of backlash for jumping in bed w Wendy’s.
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All Hallows is past, yet I'm still undead Oct 4
Hell yeah. I understand how complicated this stuff can be while keeping the lights on, but thanks for continuing to do good out there.
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juIia Oct 4
“while keeping the lights on” my guy they made $11 million from their kickstarter alone. this is not it
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