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Workspace designed for creative people; space where you can grow your business and expand horizons.
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This week staring Jim Green of Sons ; music PR superstars and of Works . Check out our blog for the scoop on the latest music industry talent trends.
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Welcome to our main space! This is where our yoga classes, Sofar Sounds, networking events, and daily life happens! Come on in to see more :) # walthamstow
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Our monthly networking lunch is almost here! This Thursday we will be hosting a fun-filled boozy lunch for our creatives! If you’re a local creative swing by for some mingling 🥂🎉3-5pm
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Great stuff! We'll be with you :)
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WilliamMorrisGallery Apr 6
An insight into the music industry Find out how to build a career in the music industry at this Creative Pathways talk with & . For young creatives 16-25. 30/4 book:
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Look out for our 2nd coming this Thursday! Meet Jim Green from @mystic_sons
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is live! Hop over to the blog to meet our freelance 2D flash animator! Link in the bio
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Replying to @PillarsBrewery
It is cool flooring
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Really cool group and interesting event. It is free entry for newbies 🙌 E4 Women in Business - April Event Tickets, Tue 16 Apr 2019 at 09:30 | Eventbrite
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A big thank you to @coworkinginsights for taking the time to meet with us 😊
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Thanks guys! good timing too! Join us for a drink ;)
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Hubble Apr 2
Shout out to the winners: And not to forget who came runners up in 3 categories - all hail the underdog!
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Our friend Kevin of Armstrong audio is running in the Hackney Half on May 19th! He needs your help in fundraising for ! Help create a well in a community of 120 by following the link!
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Nathan Bratby Mar 26
Great article, explaining how peer-to-peer marketplaces such as , and are utilising flexibility to disrupt their industries.
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Go against the tide, start enjoying your commute - make a choice Offices+Coworking Built by creatives for
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Thank you for coming 😊
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